Our Menu

Please advise staff of any diet or allergy requirements – (V) Available as vegetarian – BYO wine only, $7 per bottle.

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  • Honey Sweet Potatoes

    Honey glazed fried sweet potatoes

  • Chicken wings with fish sauce (5)

    Fried chicken wings, wok tossed with caramelized fish sauce

  • Prawn fresh rice paper rolls (3)

    Fresh rice paper rolls, filled with prawn, vermicelli & herbs and hoisin dipping sauce

  • Grilled pork rice paper rolls (3)

    Nguyen's special grilled pork fresh rice paper rolls with herbs and hoisin dipping sauce

  • Garlic salt and pepper calamari

    Crispy calamari, tossed with fried garlic, chillies, fresh herbs, salt and pepper

  • Fried rice cake (V)

    Saigon style rice cake, work fried with eggs, pickled carrots & sweet soy sauce

  • Prawn and pork salad

    Prawn and pork salad, tossed with crushed peanut, cucumber, carrot, & herbs accompanied with Vietnamese prawn crackers

  • Rare beef salad

    Lemon cured rare beef salad, tossed with red onion, carrot, crushed peanut & herbs in a lemon dressing.

  • Spring rolls (V)

    Home made spring rolls filled with pork and vegetables, accompanied with nuoc cham dipping sauce. Four in a serve

  • Crab and prawn spring rolls

    Filled with crab and prawn meats, wrapped in a special netting pastry with nuoc cham dipping sauce. Four in a serve

  • Prawn twisters

    Golden fried prawn rolls, served with mayonnaise. Four in a serve

  • Saigon prawn toasts

    Saigon style prawn toast served with tamarind chilli sauce. Two in a serve

  • Fried fish cakes

    Fried fish cakes served with crushed peanuts and tamarind sauce. Four to a serve

  • Satay chicken skewers

    Satay chicken skewers marinade in lemongrass, grilled to perfection, served with peanut sauce. Two in a serve

  • Grilled beef wrapped in betel leaf

    Beef marinade in lemongrass, wrapped in betel leaf and grilled to perfection, served with nuoc cham sauce. Six in a serve

  • Boiled edamame beans

    Boiled edamame beans

  • Vegetarian Pho

  • Rare beef pho

    Rare beef pho

  • Well done beef brisket pho

  • Beef meatball pho

  • Special pho

    Special pho with rare beef, brisket, tripe, tendon and beef meatballs

  • Wagyu beef pho

    Wagyu beef sirloin, brisket, tendon, beef meatballs

  • Chicken Pho

    Free range chicken with chicken broth

  • Seafood Pho

  • Stewed Beef with Saigon roll

    Stewed spiced beef with carrot and onion, accompanied with crusty Saigon roll

  • Curry chicken with Saigon roll

    Nguyen's style curry chicken with potatoes topped with crushed peanuts, accompanied with a crusty Saigon roll

  • Grilled pork minced vermicelli

    Grilled pork minced served with vermicelli, salad, fresh herbs & nuoc cham dipping sauce

  • Beef and spring rolls vermicelli (V)

    Wok tossed lemongrass beef with spring rolls served with vermicelli, salad, fresh salad & nuoc mam dipping sauce.

    Vegetarian option is served with tofu instead of beef.

  • Spicy beef noodle soup

    'Hue style' spicy beef noodle soup with pork, beef brisket, pork cake accompanied with fresh herbs & salad

  • Beef skewers

    Beef skewers, fine vermicelli, salad, fresh herbs, with rice papers & dipping sauce

  • Grilled pork

    Grilled pork mince skewers, fine vermicelli, salad, fresh herbs, with rice papers & dipping sauce

  • Sugar cane prawn

    Grilled sugarcane prawn, fine vermicelli, salad, fresh herbs, with rice papers & dipping sauce

  • Pork chop with broken rice

    Broken rice with grilled pork chop, pickled veggies served with nuoc mam.

  • Special broken rice

    Broken rice with grilled pork chop, crab cake, pork skin, pickled veggies served with nuoc mam.

    - Fried free range egg +$2.90
    - Vietnamese sausage +$2.90

  • Crispy skin chicken with tomato rice

    Crispy skin chicken with tomato rice

  • Shaken beef with rice

    Rice with diced cut beef tenderloin, wok tossed with onion and pepper sauce (with tomato rice +$1.5)

  • Lemongrass chicken with rice

    Rice with grilled lemongrass chicken

  • Seafood crab meat fried rice

    Special fried rice with crab meat, calamari, prawn, scallop and fish cake

  • Nguyen's special fried rice (V)

    Nguyen's style fried rice with Vietnamese sausage, chicken, lettuce and eggs

  • Steamed rice

    Steamed jasmine rice

  • Steamed 'bao' bun with your choice of filling:

    Soft shell crab

    Simmered pork belly

    Grilled Chicken

    2 per serve

  • My Tho style noodles

    Regional 'My Tho' style rice noodle with prawn, pork belly, pork mince & quail egg. Served dry or with soup

  • Seafood noodles soup

    Noodle soup with fresh seafood, bean sprouts and garlic chives

  • Combination tapioca noodle soup

    Tapioca noodle soup with prawn, pork belly, fish cake

  • Seafood tapioca noodle soup

    Tapioca noodle soup with fresh seafood

  • Herbal duck noodles soup

    Egg noodles soup with herbal duck and shitake mushroom

  • Combination crispy noodles (V)

    Beef, chicken and prawn, wok tossed with loads of veggies, refined with coriander served in our crispy golden egg noodles. Also available with rice noodles.
    Can also be made as a:
    Seafood combo - $19.50
    Vegetarian - $15.50

  • Stewed beef noodles

    Stewed spiced beef with egg noodles, carrot and coriander

  • Crispy skin chicken noodles

    Crispy skin chicken with egg noodles, served dry or with soup

  • Grilled pork chop with egg noodles

    Grilled pork chop with egg noodles, served dry or with soup

  • Banh xeo

    Vietnamese crepe suzette filled with chicken, pork, prawn and beansprout, served with salad and herbs and nuoc cham dipping sauce.

  • Rock salt prawns

    Crispy rock salt prawn with fried onion & coriander

  • Home style calamari with herbs

    Calamari stir-fry with turmeric, coconut cream, herbs and coriander

  • Stewed pork belly

    Traditional Vietnamese pork belly stewed with egg

  • Fish cooked two ways

    Fresh fish cutlet, stewed in clay pot accompanied with a hot and sour soup

  • Steamed fish with ginger and shallot

    Steamed fish fillets in a light soya sauce with fresh herbs, ginger and shallot

  • Seafood in clay pot

    Stir fry seafood and vegetable served in a hot clay pot

  • Stir fry water spinach in garlic (seasonal, V)

    Stir fry water spinach with chilli jam, fresh chilli and garlic

  • Stir fry rice noodle

    Stir fry rice noodle with prawn, chicken, beef and vegetable in sweet hoisin sauce

  • Fried tofu with chili lemongrass

    Fried silken tofu, wok tossed with fresh chilli and chopped lemongrass

  • Crispy soft shell crab (2)

    Soft shell crabs, fried to a crisp golden brown, served with nuoc cham sauce

  • Honey soy quails

    Roasted quails glazed in honey soy, served with nuoc cham dipping sauce

  • Nguyen's style shangtung chicken

    Crispy skin chicken, deboned on a bed of pickled vegies, cucumber served with tangy red vinegar sauce and crushed peanuts

  • Creamy goat curry

    Creamy goat curry, cooked on the bone with eggplant, chilli and onion

  • Fried fish in sweet and sour tomato sauce

    Fried fish fillets tossed in our special fresh tomato sauce with onion, shallots and coriander

  • Roasted Duck Leg with Chilli Plum sauce

    Roasted duck legs stir fry with vegetable in our special chilli plum suace

  • Sweet and sour pork belly

  • Whole flounder

    Whole NZ flounder deep fried 'til crispy, served with your choice of:
    - Tamarind sauce
    - Nuoc cham ginger fish sauce
    - sweet chilli sauce

  • Combination hot pot

    Combination hot pot with seafood, beef, chicken, vermicelli, vegetables and herbs with your choice of:
    - Hot and sour broth
    - Chicken broth

  • Stir Fry

    Our stir fry are made with vegetables and your choice of protein and sauce.

    Proteins include:
    - Chicken, beef or vegetarian (tofu) - $15.90
    - Prawns or scallops - $23.90
    - Combination (Chicken, beef and prawn) - $19.90

    Available sauces are:
    - Chili lemongrass
    - Tamarind
    - Cashew nut
    - Chili basil
    - Sate
    - Beans vermicelli and black bean
    - Ginger and shallot
    - Pepper
    - Oyster
    - Onion hoisin

  • Vietnamese rainbow dessert

    A popular Vietnamese dessert consisting of red beans, jelly, mung beans and coconut syrup with crushed ice

  • Fried banana and jackfruit rolls

    Fried banana and jackfruit rolls served with ice cream

  • Deep fried ice cream

    Deep-fried ice cream coated with shredded coconut and sprinkled with crushed peanut

  • Banana fritter

    Banana fritter with ice cream

  • Coconut Juice

    Young coconut juice

  • Apple/ Orange juice

    Apple or Orange juice

  • Vietnamese black coffee

    Vietnamese filtered black coffee. Can be served iced or hot.

  • Vietnamese milk coffee

    Vietnamese filtered coffee with condensed milk. Can be served iced or hot.

  • Fruit Smoothies

    Vietnamese fruit smoothies. Choices include:
    - Avocado
    - Jackfruit
    - Strawberry
    - Mango

  • Sweet Soymilk

    Sweet soymilk served hot or cold

  • Lemon Lime Bitters

    Lemon Lime Bitters

  • Soft drinks

    Coke, Diet Coke, Coke zero, Lemonade, Lift, Fanta

  • Red Wines

    House red
    $7 a glass/ $25 a bottle

    Grant Burge Classic Shiraz
    $9 a glass/ $33 a bottle

    Wirra Wirra Church Block
    $14 a glass/ $48 a bottle

  • Beers

    Bia 333 (Vietnam)

    Corona (Mexico)

    Cascade Light (Australia)

    Crown Lager (Australia)

    Sapporo (Japan)

    Heineken (Holland)

    Tiger (Singapore)

  • White wines

    House white
    $7 a glass/ $25 a bottle

    Jameison's Run Chardonnay
    $9 a glass/ $33 a bottle

    Vasse Felix Classic Dry White S/S Blanc
    $13 a glass/ $46 a bottle

    Lana's Bike Malborough Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)
    $12 a glass/ $44 a bottle

  • Standard mixer

  • Sparkling wines

    Seppelt Fluer De Lys NV Curvee

    $8 - glass/ $32 - bottle